What is Modern Art?

Modern art is a term that is often over-used and not understood, leading to some confusion. Strictly speaking, it relates to any artistic work dating from the 1860s right up to the 1970s, over one hundred years in total. However, most people assume that the term applies to any art which is not in the traditional style of painting by the likes of da Vinci, van Gogh and Renoir. Admittedly, most modern art pieces are somewhat abstract in nature, representing a move towards experimentation. The artworks typically have a multi-coloured aspect, expressive figures and incredible landscapes. The debate on what is modern art continues to linger on.

The Beginning of Modern Art

30 Sep 2020

There is some agreement about the beginning of modern art. Artists included Van Gogh, and Henri Matisse as well as many pre Cubists. The paintings looked almost primitive to some and used different colours, as well as techniques, that expanded the feeling and emotions that can be perceived by the observer.

Modern Art Style

30 Aug 2020

Modern art lasted from around the 1860s to the 1970s and included many styles. They used experimentation and new techniques, as well as ways to express the subject matter. Some styles include Romanticism, Realism, Expressionism, and many others. There are different periods of modern art with varied styles relevant to each period.

When Did Modern Art End?

27 Jul 2020

Modern art ended late in the 20th century. Modernism became the more fashionable term for art that was then emerging. New forms of artistic expression that could not come under 'modern art,' such as elements of text, collage, technology and multimedia meant that the term 'postmodernism' became the definition of developing art.